für CoHeller Jewels

Simple yet smoothly flowing lines, often complemented by traditional symbols, are the signature features of Corinna Heller’s jewelry. The magnificent colored gemstones or diamonds in her Einsteiner (One Stone) collection are held, as if by hands, in gently curved claws. When it comes to pearls, Corinna Heller applies the same sensitive treatment. In her work, preciousness is expressed as a symbiosis of the design idea, the choice of materials, meticulous craftsmanship and formal clarity. Nevertheless, her pieces do not lack irony and wit, both of which are revealed in the design details as well as in their names. Corinna Heller is inspired by people and cities, by architecture and fashion. “In contrast to fashion, jewelry can make an impact as an object, as a work of art, even when it is not being worn,” she says.